Buy My Photos or Make a Donation

If you liked any of my images and would like to use them for commercial purposes, you may buy a license to use them on a royalty-free basis for quite a small amount of money from one of the microstock agencies where I’m selling my images.
Please find the links to my galleries in these agencies (Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Fotolia) below:

You can also always make a donation (as a financial aid to help me produce more images as well as better images) at my Moneybookers account. Please feel free to contact me (see Contact Me page on my website) and I will reply to you and tell you how to do this — any help (even a donation of one or two dollars) will be greatly appreciated! As a ‘thank-you’ for your donation, I will email you a copy of one of my images with greater resolution. You will be able to use it for your personal (non-commercial) needs and purposes such as a desktop wallpaper for your PC, etc.

Thank you for your attention (and possible help) in any case!